Strategic Procurement Plan

A well-designed and thoughtful Strategic Procurement Plan sets in motion all of the procurement activity that follows.  What is the team’s vision, what do they hope to achieve and what is everyone working on each and every day?  Is the team working from an integrated playbook to achieve the same set of goals or are they working from silos in an un-coordinated fashion?  These are basic questions, but critical ones.  Most of us would like a greater strategic role for our departments, but our influence and brand image is stuck in a current state that is difficult to break.  The first step on a journey toward greater strategic influence is getting the Vision for the procurement team right.  You have a lot on your plate, daily responsibilities that are challenging – why not ask for a little help to get another perspective and to ‘outsource’ the plan writing to someone who has done it before.

Goal Development & Alignment

We should all think of our procurement and facilities departments as manufacturing plants.  In our plants, we bring together people, process and technology resources to produce services that matter to our customers and stakeholders.  The fuel that drives our plants toward efficient production levels is the Goal Development & Alignment process.  It is important to have a tight and integrated connection of goals from the executive team to the chief procurement or facility officer to the management level and through to individual performance plans.  If we can achieve this and tie our goals to the ones that matter to customers we have a great opportunity to grow our influence and brand image.  This process should be deliberative and thoughtful. Goals are best established when someone challenges your thinking, brings you experience from around the country and has the time to draw out the hopes and dreams of your people.  Why not follow a bridge that has already been constructed, tested and successfully used?

Business Meeting