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The biggest challenge for all of us is to think about is how we should best use our time. Time is the one thing you can never get back so how you spend it is critical. It is easy in the press of daily events and urgent priorities to lose track of what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. Having some clarity on this helps prioritize activity on the things that will make an impact. Your ability to make progress on these will assist you in advancing personally and professionally.

In this regard, consider the following five (5) Critical Development Areas from a Procurement Executive Insights article published by the Hackett Group (thehackettgroup):

  1. Expand procurement’s scope/influence;

  2. Elevate the role of procurement to a trusted advisor to the business;

  3. Improve procurement’s business agility (e.g. the ability to a adapt quickly to meet changing stakeholder demands);

  4. Support enterprise digital transformation strategy, objectives and initiatives; and

  5. Deepen influence on complex spend categories to drive value beyond sourcing.

A focus on these development areas will serve you well. What are you doing to make progress in each of these?