Institutes, Workshops and Training

Our goal is to enhance your team’s internal capabilities and enable them to make a greater strategic impact.  Over the years we have developed and taught several institutes, workshops and training sessions.  Many of these professional development opportunities have been provided through the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP).  Content developed for the NAEP has also been adapted and delivered for university clients and/or university consortium groups.  Developing and delivering workshops directly to your team can be cost effective when you consider how much of your professional development dollars are used for travel expenses.  The following content can be adapted for your needs:

  • Strategic Procurement Institute (Opportunity Assessment, Business Case, Cost Execution, Supplier Relationship Management);

  • Strategic Facilities Institute (The Lifecycle of Constructed Facilities and the Role Procurement can play to add value);

  • Contract Management Institute / Workshop (Best practices in contract management);

  • Business Case Development (How to develop effective business cases)

Facilitated Meetings and Retreats

Some clients have found value in having Stonebridge facilitate meetings with various stakeholders.  Stonebridge facilitated the last five years of the Innovators Forum in partnership with the National Association of Educational Procurement.  We are skilled at helping to design meeting objectives and developing content and methods to help achieve desired outcomes.  Meeting facilitation can be applied in a number of settings.  Recent uses have included the following: 

  • Strategic customer groups to obtain performance feedback for the procurement team;

  • Collaborative discussions with the facilities team to determine where greater value can be jointly pursued;

  • Mission, vision and values strategic discussions with the procurement team and key stakeholders;

  • Integrated goal setting dialog with the procurement team to align strategic vision, objectives, goals and initiatives; and

  • 1:1 meetings with procurement team members to understand their goals, aspirations and issues that limit their effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Unlocking the talent and productivity of internal team members can be a force multiplier in helping procurement leadership meet strategic goals and deliver greater value to the campus community.   Some of the most talented executives in the country retain executive coaches to push them toward increased performance levels.  An independent third party with the right skills can be a positive resource for key members of your leadership team.  Consider this as part of your professional development budget.

Meeting the Staff
Meeting the Staff
Two Men in Office
Two Men in Office