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We’re interested in helping you solve your business problems. These tips can help. The sharing of knowledge is one of our core values at Stonebridge Ventures, Inc.. We happily share our resources and findings to provide our clients with all the information they need to make the best decisions for their performance.


Leadership is a complex characteristic that takes time and lots of skill to master. These tips from the Oracle of Omaha are necessary stepping stones to become a successful leader.

Facilities Management & Conditions Assessment

Higher Education is continuously evolving and facility departments are constantly trying to keep their buildings up to date and in good condition. Estimating the costs of deferred maintenance and strategically budgeting correctly using credible data is a major challenge for most Universities. 

Properly maintaining a Conditions Assessment for each building and putting together a deferred maintenance budget for those buildings is something that Stonebridge advocates for. 

Talent Management

This Harvard Business Review highlights important strategies that companies have regarding talent management.

Building Your Brand

This paper provides an overview of the 2015 Innovators Forum with a distillation of the key discussion points and recommendations regarding brand management.

Supplier Relationship Management

 A distillation of the key discussion points and recommendations regarding strategic supplier relationship management (SSRM) from the 2016 NAEP Innovators Forum

Strategic Customer Engagement

Insights from the 2017 NAEP Innovators Forum and Recommended Customer Engagement Management Strategies for Procurement Leaders

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